Another print for the twelfth prompt, Stuck. It’s my very first attempt at a two color print. Lots went wrong, but it was a fun attempt. @craftytowle suggested a pin cushion for this prompt and this was the first kind I thought of. My grandmother (and hers!) had one. I always wondered why a tomato of all things was so popular. It turns out that in the Victorian era, tomatoes were considered good luck and ladies used to display their pin cushions, so I guess this was a mashup of sorts. I also learned that the “strawberry” was full of sand and it was used to “polish” tarnished needles. How ’bout that? #inktober #inktober2021 #inktober2021stuck #linocut #linoprint #tomato #pincushion #tomatopincushion #twocolorprint

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