Half a race

A friend of mine walked the half marathon here in Eugene last Sunday. It took her about four and a half hours to finish it. She worked hard, around a very busy schedule, to be able to. She challenged me to run it with her next year. I can’t say the idea appealed to me much, but now I’m starting to give it serious thought. Generally, I run a slowish 5K (3.1 miles) three times a week and run in the occassional 5K race held for charity. The thought of running for over two hours sounds really, really boring. I’m fairly sure I can get my middle aged body in good enough shape to do the run itself, but I am having a harder time imagining myself not getting bored to tears while doing it.
I have learned to cherish my morning runs as pure “me’ time. I usually listen to podcast while I run. My favorites while running are the Escape Artists trio: PodCastle, EscapePod and PseudoPod. It’s really to perfect time to listen to a story.
I suppose I could just get an audiobook or two to listen to as I work my way up in the length of my runs.
I suppose I will have to changed the way I eat at some point too. That, actually, might be the most difficult part. I love to eat and tend to overeat. I know nothng about eating healthy. This will take some research and discipline. Oi.
I think somewhere in writing this, I committed myself.