End of Summer

Yesterday was sunny and warm. Today is cool and windy. It feels like a clear demarcation between summer and fall. I’m also transitioning to a new job, so there’s definitely change in the air.
Yesterday I went on a nice little float down the Willamette with Rob, Joel and Felicia. It was probably the last one of the season for me. Rob’s more hardcore and will probably do more cold weather trips. Crazy bastard.
The float was the relaxation I needed before I spend a week travelling for work. Things aren’t going very smoothly and while I’m trying not to stress out, I’ve only been marginally successful. I need to remember the sun on my skin, time spent with friends and the slow rocking of the kayak on the water.

Working Off the Pizza and Beer

I went over to Rob’s house last night to watch some fights (none worth remembering) and we managed to eat an entire pizza and a whole bunch of good beer (from 16 Tons) between us. We would’ve eaten more too, if there had been anything left.
In keeping with recent tradition where we go on a hike every Sunday with the dogs, we set out to punish ourselves for our gluttony this time. The weather was great; sunshine with a few wispy clouds. We explored the property behind his house. He used his Garmin wrist GPS and we tracked our progress. We actually lost Change for a few minutes. I’m not sure if she lost us or if she just got tired and stopped for a bit, but she didn’t come when she was called. We turned back to look for her and found her just trotting along about a quarter mile back the way we came. You can see the part where we backtracked in the time-lapse in the Google Earth KML widget below.

Interesting conversation with Owen

Conversation with my son walking to school this morning:

Owen: We have chocolate sauce, right?
Me: We sure do.
Owen: Do we have spaghetti?
Me: I’m pretty sure we have some, yeah.
Owen: Good. I wanna mix them together and eat them.
Me: Really?! Why?
Owen: A moose ate them and I want to try it. It’ll be good. Don’t you think it’ll be good, daddy?
Me: uhh … it … might be.
Owen: Let’s try it.
Me: OK. Let’s do it.

If we remember to do this, I’ll have to report on it’s success … or lack of.