Happy Birthday to Me.

Today is my birthday. Oh, The Old. It hurts me.

I went for a nice little float on the McKenzie yesterday with my good friend, Rob and a few of his friends/coworkers. Rob tracked the trip with a GPS unit and sent me the kmz files. I thought to myself, I wonder if you can embed this” and of course you can. Thanks, Google.

I was in Rob’s sit-on-top kayak, guy had a battered canoe and the rest were in tubes with paddles. I went in the cold, cold water twice and was beginning to think I’d become hopeless at kayaking until Rob noticed that I was sitting very low in the water. He’d forgotten to put in the plug on his kayak and I’d taken in gallons and gallons of water! We pulled out, drained it and continued on.

It was a great, relaxing trip, despite Rob trying to kill me.

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