Starting from scratch

So my original blog here died when I was updating it to the newest version of WordPress. I didn’t lose too much, however, since it had mostly just been gathering dust in a subfolder.
As much as I’ve liked and their hosting, they do NOT make it easy to upgrade. Their help desk’s support wasn’t particularly helpful with it either. It felt like I was getting the bare minumum effort. Working in tech support myself, it was easy to recognize. I would probably have just switched hosting providers but, to be honest, I purchased my domain through them as well and I’m not sure how to separate the two. Something I will need to learn, I guess. That and how to migrate this to a new server at some point.
The main reason I restarted the blog was that I was having so much fun being able to post via my Droid’s super cool WordPress app. (So many apps!) I like the ability to write here while I’m sitting idle someplace. Currently, that place is next to my 3 year old waiting for him to fall asleep, but I love the idea that I could blog from anywhere I have a signal (or just composing a post if I don’t).
I think I’d also like to add some kind of twitter widget and maybe a YouTube plugin. I don’t really have a goal for the blog other than to amuse myself.

So there you have it, a fresh start.

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