Working Off the Pizza and Beer

I went over to Rob’s house last night to watch some fights (none worth remembering) and we managed to eat an entire pizza and a whole bunch of good beer (from 16 Tons) between us. We would’ve eaten more too, if there had been anything left.
In keeping with recent tradition where we go on a hike every Sunday with the dogs, we set out to punish ourselves for our gluttony this time. The weather was great; sunshine with a few wispy clouds. We explored the property behind his house. He used his Garmin wrist GPS and we tracked our progress. We actually lost Change for a few minutes. I’m not sure if she lost us or if she just got tired and stopped for a bit, but she didn’t come when she was called. We turned back to look for her and found her just trotting along about a quarter mile back the way we came. You can see the part where we backtracked in the time-lapse in the Google Earth KML widget below.

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